What are Cakies?

Our Cakies treats are a fun and exciting mix of a brownie, a cupcake and cookie, all rolled up into one of the tastiest things you'll ever put in your mouth! They're probably one of the BEST dessert items that currently exist on planet Earth... just sayin'.

Where can I buy the Cakies treats?

We are at various Farmers Markets throughout San Diego county on a weekly basis. We also tend to have a booth at many Local Events as well. You can also place an order online for either pickup or delivery.(we deliver to locations all across San Diego County).

Does Cakies Creations have a storefront?

Not yet! So for now, you can purchase Cakies at any Farmers Market or Local Event that we attend. You can also order online for either pickup or delivery.

How much are the Cakies treats?

Check out our Pricing Page for everything you need to know about pricing.